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Professional Development

Join Maggie and an exceptional community of practitioners for movement education that will elevate your capacity to do and to teach Pilates with precision, power, depth and sophistication. Become a more effective teacher. Fall in love with the way you move.


Recharge and Recover

Developed through my work with Olympic, Paralympic and professional athletes: This program is a range of Pilates recovery sessions and performance enhancing meditations that release physical and mental tension, recharge your energy, enliven your spirit and boost your athletic capability. 


Movement Research On The Run

Receive expert coaching and resources that will give you the ability to run with more power and less tension. Develop the skills and body awareness to significantly reduce running related impact, injury and fatigue. Enjoy a higher level of capability and satisfaction in your training.


Maggie Macgill

Maggie Macgill is a Pilates educator with twenty four years of international teaching experience. She is a graduate of the Master’s Program at The Pilates Centre in Boulder, Colorado, holds a degree in research methods, is a Master Chi Running® instructor, and a qualified life coach. Maggie has enjoyed a dynamic career, working in athlete training facilities, sports medicine clinics and studios across Australia and North America. Her clients have included those with complex injury and chronic pain, a diverse range of professional sportspeople, paralympians and Olympic gold medallists. 

World Class Coaching

Feel better. Perform better. Eliminate tension. Treat yourself to a quality of coaching that brings efficiency and power to your body. When you work with a teacher who trains successful athletes and industry professionals, you know you are giving yourself the quality of care that your body deserves. 

Move Towards Freedom

In the most rewarding and enjoyable way possible.


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