Join our community of amazing teachers. As we travel together through the Love To Move curriculum, created especially for you. Enjoy endless energy, confidence and passion throughout 2024



In Love To Move program you will experience the classical repertoire from many different anatomical perspectives. This multilayered, experiential learning process will give you the capacity to see, feel and speak to a vast range of anatomical structures, tissues and processes. 

You will master the art of creative cueing with laser sharp anatomical precision, apply the Pilates method with greater depth and sophistication, develop new found power in both your teaching and your moving. You will also learn how to better support yourself as a teacher by developing a movement practice that generates freedom, power and energy in your body and your life. 

Become a more confident, connected and effective teacher.

"Maggie’s sessions are always an inspiration. Organic cues that just tap into the body’s senses and go right to the heart of the exercise making the movements efficient & more accurate. I find myself using a lot of Maggie’s cues & imagery with my clients and people just get them -  very powerful stuff ". Shonadh, Pilates Professional, Melbourne Australia 

Immerse yourself in experiential learning processes that yield transformative results. 

“Maggie has given me a somatic experience of the science and philosophy of alignment and movement. Her in-depth knowledge and experience of the body is inspiring and insightful”. Pip, Owner of Kundalini House Melbourne. 

Rise to challenges with curiosity, assuredness and ease. 

"Maggie has a great eye for detail and plenty of creative cues that really illustrate what she wants you to do and feel very well". Elsa Van DeWere, Pilates Professinal, Cape Town, South Africa.  


I am a Pilates and Chi Running® educator with twenty four years of international teaching experience. I am a graduate of the Master’s Program at The Pilates Centre in Boulder, Colorado, I hold a degree in research methods and am a qualified life coach. I have enjoyed a dynamic career, working in athlete training facilities, biomedical clinics and studios across Australia and North America. My clients have included those with complex injury and chronic pain, a diverse range of professional sportspeople, paralympians and Olympic gold medallists. 

My teaching is strongly influenced by my commitment to translating the Pilates method into fluid and efficient running form. I teach workshops to movement practitioners and running coaches internationally. I thrive on my continuous education and growth as a practitioner, in particular through my connection to The Pilates Centre in Boulder, the Chi Running® instructor community and my somatic studies in Body Mind Centering®. I have practiced Pilates every day since I began teaching in 1999. I love the way it gives me the ability to tackle challenging hikes in remote wilderness areas and run in a way that feels amazing to my body.

Nothing brings me more happiness than mentoring teachers like you to enjoy vital aliveness and professional fulfilment every day. 

From the First workshop I did with Maggie I knew I found my mentor. Maggie not only knew and understood everything the Pilates Method has to offer, she has a unique way of explaining it so it actually translates into your own body. I now understand my unique body and it’s blind spots. I have become stronger. I move and feel better. I have also become more confident with my clients because I am able to use everything I have learned from Maggie. My clients are benefiting greatly. I am a huge fan of Maggie's Love To Move program. It is integrated and wholesome. I am so happy I joined in and took part in the journey. 
 Zoe Mcarthy, Pilates Teacher, NSW Australia.

Maggie’s workshops have been very informative and provided me with a new perspective on how to move my own body and how to cue others. I always leave Maggie’s sessions feeling more enlightened about the Pilates Method and movement in general. Kath Banks, National Pilates Training Faculty Educator, Melbourne  

“I just love the way that Maggie's cueing of the work is so uniquely in line with our embryological, developmental and cellular selves. It feels so deeply recalibrating on all levels and Maggie truly is such an inspirational teacher.” Francis Cahill, Director PITC 

"Maggie is a fantastic teacher who really has a great eye for how the body moves and what structures are orchestrating the movement. She has a fantastic anatomical knowledge. Maggie's classes give a different perspective and approach to teaching Pilates, which I have found really helpful with my clients. She has also been instrumental in teaching me how to properly use breathing to assist with maintaining correct posture throughout movements and in finding and utilising a deep core connection in Pilates exercises." Lauren Starr, Physiotherapist and Pilates Teacher




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